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AutoStarter's FAQ

Сообщение Rewalon » 26 ноя 2010, 09:00

For what the program is intended?
The program is intended for the postponed applications launch at computer start.
Not a secret that at an input in Windows all programs registered in branches of a StartUp of the register, and also in the menu start-up Autoload, are launched simultaneously, thereby unduly loading the processor, hindering each other.
The program allows to postpone start of the necessary applications for a certain time, allowing to boot system, a desktop then sequentially to start the necessary applications. After an applications launch, the program completes operation, being preempted from storage.

Where option are saved?
The program saves options in a directory whence is launched.

Whether there are at the program start keys?
Yes, is. For today their two:
-start - a key, begin task list handling automatically. Besides, with it key the program is launched in tray.
-log - a key, handing over to the program the information on necessity of guiding of log.

How to install skin?
It is necessary to download skin from here, or from site AlphaControls
To copy a file of skin in the directory "Skins" in a directory where the program is installed.

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For example:
"c:\Program Files\AutoStarter\Skins"
After program restarting skin will be accessible in "Options" tab -> "Skins"