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Сообщение Rewalon » 15 дек 2010, 14:36

The version history AutoStarter.

AutoStarter (15.02.2012) - current
* changes in the Interface
* to change the icons in the system tray
+ ability to stop in system tray
+ button to create a shortcut in startup menu
+ display of start of the program
+ in the installer included some skins
+ added help on the program

AutoStarter (14.12.2011)
+ added the Ukrainian language
- fixed some bugs
* small changes in the interface

AutoStarter (24.11.2011)
+ function of use of the profile of loading for each user Is added
+ Are added 3 new skins
- Some bugs are corrected

AutoStarter v. (28.10.2011)
* Update AlphaSkin 7.54
* Update CoolTrayIcon 4.4.0

AutoStarter v. (15.12.2010)
* Changes in installer
* Update AlphaSkin on 7.25
* Some changes in interface

* Update AlphaSkin on 7.2
* the installer is updated
- Some bugs in an installer are corrected

+ check on presence of incorrect characters in file name for start is included
- The error in language files is corrected
+ the key -log (turn on log-file) is added

- The error with possibility of creation of the task with time less than 1 is corrected
- The error with possibility of creation of the task without instructions of a file of start is corrected
* optimization

+ show of the author of transfer is added
* small improvings

oldest history see in history-RU.txt